Adventure Golf – Lake Worth, FL


Played on March 23, 2013

Reviewed by the Pink Putter

The second of the two courses I played on my Florida vacation was Adventure Golf. I could tell this course has been around for many years, due to its slightly dated decor, as well as the note of “over 1 million happy customers” on the main sign. I chatted with the owner, Jerry Doser, a former PGA Pro about his course. Fun fact: He chose the name Adventure Golf so that it would show up alphabetically as the first mini golf course in the local phone book. However, as times have transitioned from landlines to wifi, I learned that unfortunately this course does not have a website (yet). Also, the course used to be covered in lush palm trees, but they all had to be removed years ago due to the roots ruining the landscape. He showed me the cover of this May/June issue of the Journal of the Miniature Golf Association of America, which showcased an aerial view of the two-course landscape, pre-tree removal. He went on to explain all the ADA regulations and how challenging it was to build a fun course around so many logistical parameters.



Par – Another solid course with a classic variety of game play, a river, ponds, hills and bridges. While Adventure Golf did not have an obvious over-arching theme, there was a silly array of ceramic frogs lining the entrance area and a large watermill on the east side of the north course. Otherwise, the landscape was fairly sparse in regards to fun and kitsch. Obstacles consisted of rocks, wooden stumps, sand, hills, bumps and the occasional pipe. Many of the holes actually had two holes, and I really appreciated the signage indicating to “choose one before you start.” This definitely added interest to the game. While my mom and I only played one of the two courses, the North, I couldn’t discern an obvious difference between them. The good news is I’ll be back to Florida sometime in the next year and look forward to trying out the South course.

Scorecards and Pencils!
Excellent ball display.
Nice putter display, too.
Silly frogs.
Course rules.
View of the South course.
The Pink Putter’s mom takes her first shot.
Hole 3 indicating to “Choose a hole before you start”
Central river (dyed blue water)
A downhill jump.
All the Wishing Well’s coins have been donated to various charities over the years.
Little bumps.
Classic water wheel.
The Red Hat Society Ladies were out playing that afternoon.
I fell into the water trap.
The final hole.

Clean, well-maintained greens
Nice variety of game play
Silly frogs

Fairly straightforward game play
Minimal kitsch

Nerdy Notes:

  • 2 courses, 18 holes each, Par 52
  • Cost: $9, cash; $10, credit/debit. To play a second course on the same day is an additional $5.
  • Rubber covered putters
  • No flags in holes

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