Putt U – Center Valley, PA

Putt U - Center Valley, PA

Played August 14, 2012
Reviewed by Mr. Tee

After playing the soggy greens of Oasis in nearby Bethlehem, The Pink Putter and I were craving a course of real substance. Putt U provided not only once but twice! The slogan “The Highest Degree of Mini-Golf” was on the money. Putt U provided two courses (blue and red) that each had a 19th “skill shot” hole with the opportunity to win a prize. We opted to play both courses and were doubly rewarded.


Hole-in-one – The whole experience at Putt U was what one (or at least us) would want in a classic mini-golf course. The play included a lot of common hazards, sloping and decor but the way in which everything was put together showed a sense of pride in the craft making a mini-golf course. The sand traps used real sand. On the blue course, the main waterfall connected to streams and water hazards for the whole course. Each hole included tips and facts about mini-golf. Score cards were color coordinated to the different courses and both included a list of “Other Stuff you Should know” like The moon is 239,000 miles from the earth and She love you yeah yeah yeah. A mascot (Prof Puttz!!). A club house that included ice cream.

Ok, you get it. We enjoyed this place!

Putt U - Center Valley, PA
Best selection of balls we’ve seen.
Expansive waterway on the Blue Course
Note the use of real sand in the sand traps
The Pink Putter and Professor Puttz
Doh! One stroke penalty.
Trippy Golf Cart
Logo for the U

Multiple courses
Blue course had TONS of water related play / hazards
Mini-golf tips & facts at every hole
Real sand in the sand traps
Optional starting tees (kids, normal and pro)
Fun music (see below)
Photos of each hole on their website
Fun / interactive Facebook page

Dreary Day
Lack of kitsch

I’m a massive music nerd and begrudgingly expect mini-golf courses to pump in the same top 40 songs you would hear in your average mall or big box store. Once again Putt U exceded expectations and played a fun selection of music that matched the setting. This was not lost on me. Lots of early rock ‘n’ roll and television / movie theme songs (Flintstones, Adam’s Family, Rocky, Beverly Hills Cop) were the icing on the cake of an idyllic and classic mini-golf course.

On the last day of our east coast trip, we drove by Putt U and the marquee said “mini-golf is for lovers”. The Pink Putter and I are mini-golf lovers and it’s clear the folks at Putt U are as well.

Putt U website
Putt U on Facebook

Nerdy Notes:

  • Blue Course: 18 holes (plus bonus final hole), Par 56 (pro start), Par 57 (kid start)
  • Red Course: 18 holes (plus bonus final hole), Par 56 (pro start), Par 57 (kid start)
  • $5.50 / course (mid-day price) $6 / course (normal)

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