Hassles – North Wildwood, NJ


Played August 15, 2012

Review by Mr. Tee

After Dragon’s Lair, we wanted to finish off our day on a high note. By this point of the day we had played 6 rounds. To say we were feeling picky was an understatement. Passed on the 3-D glow-in-the-dark course we saw on the boardwalk and decided that if were going to play a 7th round for the day that it needed to be something special. When we saw Hassles from afar, we had a good feeling. As we arrived, it became clear we landed at the perfect place to end our putt putt packed day.


Hole-in-one – Slightly off the North Wildwood boardwalk, Hassles provides a bright kitschy mini-golf adventure that stands out in an area crowded with tourist attractions. In many ways, the course included the typical minigolf classics: windmills, a loop de loop, carnival themes, a lighthouse, a large waterfall and cartoonish animals. While these features are nothing new to us, the way in which Hassles places them throughout the course feels cohesive and just “right”. Every part of the course is well maintained and brightly colored. Other courses going for the same vibe seem to overlook the importance of making sure all of the obstacles (ie. windmills) function or the amount a fresh layer of paint can improve the overall feel. In my book, the two standout obstacles that helped Hassles earn a Hole-in-one were Ring-A-Ding-Ding and the functioning ferris wheel. Two relatively simple concepts that were well executed. Hassles felt like a perfect bookend to a lovely trip to the Jersey Shore.

Entrance sign
Mr. Tee get a hand from one of Hassles animal friends
Eye(s) of the tiger
Windmill: Part Deux
The Pink Putter with lighthouse & waterfall in the background
Loved this unique course hazard
Ferris Wheel and hippo mouth
Hippo Mouth doubles as garbage can cover

I meant to finish reviewing this course earlier in the week but much like the rest of the country I was fixated on the news coming out of the east coast related to super storm Sandy. It appears the areas of the Jersey Shore we played were just outside of the major flood areas. Our fingers are crossed that Hassles, Duffer’s and Harbor Light didn’t suffer the same fate as many other parts of the Jersey Shore.

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Tons of kitsch
Fun atmosphere
Multiple moving obstacles (windmills, obstacles, bells)
Bright painted decor
Attached Ice Cream Parlor (with clean restrooms!)


Short distance from tee to cup on all holes
Overall play was not challenging

Nerdy Notes:

  • 18 holes (plus final hole), Par 42
  • Metal cups
  • Hole-in-one on final hole wins you a free game AND a sundae
  • Two functioning windmills
  • Metal putters with no rubber putter guards
  • No flags in the holes

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