Dragon’s Lair – Wildwood, NJ

Front Entrance from the Boardwalk.

Played August 15, 2012
Reviewed by the Pink Putter

When we approached the entry to Dragon’s Lair from the boardwalk, we were expecting another rooftop course, like Tee Time 1 and Tee Time 2. However, we quickly realized that this was not like those of Stone Harbor at all. Dragon’s lair was our first official indoor, black-light miniature golf course.


Whiff – At first the idea of a black-light mini golf adventure seemed fun, like a fresh novelty. But suddenly it felt dated, like something that would be cool in the 90’s but is super lame for 2012. The course was only 10 holes (rather than the regular 18) and it was certainly 10 holes too many. Every inch of wall and floor was covered in dragons, knights, and castle scenes rendered in glow-in-the-dark paint. To its credit, the painting could have been way worse than it was. They at least hired an artist with modest illustration skills. The holes were built with plywood and hard to see. There was some pipe play, hills and ramps, however nothing out of the ordinary. There was loud metal music playing and the whole experience made my head spin. By the third hole I couldn’t wait to get out of there and rushed through to find an ibuprofen. Unless you want to go through a tacky boardwalk gimmick, steer clear of Dragon’s Lair.

Stairs leading up to the course.
The best shot I could get of the holes.
A painted dragon detail shot.
This greets you at the top of the stairs.
Faux fire pit.


Air Conditioned
Only 9 holes
Animatronic Dragon on last hole


Hard to see
Terrible Music
No prize for hole-in-one on last hole (which by some odd chance I got)

Dragon’s Lair Website (has better photos than we do)

Dragon’s Lair on Facebook

Nerdy Notes:

  • 9 holes (plus final hole), Par 22
  • Cost- $5 (discounted second round if anyone would actually want to play another)
  • Novelty Balls available for play (for extra $)
  • Lose ball on last hole
  • Glow golf
  • Score card with rules

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