Tee Time 2 – Stone Harbor, NJ

View from the sidewalk, headed up to the roof.

Played on August 15, 2012

Reviewed by the Pink Putter

We played this course immediately after the dreadful Tee Time 1, owned by the same folks and just across the street. It was a huge improvement from the first. The holes were fun and challenging and the decor was fairly legit. This is a true miniature golf tournament style course- not your typical putting greens here.


Birdie – Being a rooftop course, the sun makes it incredibly hot. But aside from the temperature, this was a really fun play! Each hole was really different from the next and had signs next to them with hints on how to strategize and execute your play (which was very helpful for some).  Because there was no real turf on the putting surface (think fiberglass), it did make for a bit more of a challenge getting the ball to stop where you wanted it to, but this didn’t detract too much from the overall experience. The deck had a perfectly kitschy facade of fictional storefronts and houses, which seemed irrelevant to any specific theme, but was neat nonetheless.

View of the whole course from the top of the stairs.
Hole 1- some funky pyramids.
A classic loop.
This was more of a rock-filled star shell than a hole.
Don’t make a mountain out of two molehills!
The trick was to get the ball to stay up there. This seemed to be easier for me than it was for Mr. Tee
The metal labyrinth…I couldn’t get this one for the life of me!

While this course wasn’t your classic waterfalls, rivers and green grass kind of place, it had distinct personality and charm. I don’t think we’ve played a course with quite as unique holes as this one. But if you decide to play here, make sure you do it on a day that’s isn’t as hot as when we went. There is no shade up there (however, you can purchase Icees or bottles of water from the pay shack)!


Fun play
Unique holes
Kitschy decor
Hole of the Day- if you got a hole in one at the announced hole of the day, you won a free game


Not the best maintained course.
No so good music.

No website.

Nerdy Notes:

  • 18 holes, Par 36
  • $7
  • Both Tee Time courses use the exact same score card

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