Two T’s – Easton, PA


Played August 13, 2012
Reviewed by Mr. Tee

Near the hometown of the Pink Putter (and Crayola Crayons) in the Lehigh Valley resides a top notch mini-golf course called Two T’s. Like many other mini-golf courses, it’s connected to other businesses including a driving range and creamery.


Birdie – Themed appropriately to it’s locale, the course has a Pennsylvania country feel. There was a large play-thru cave, barn, waterfalls and windmill throughout the course. Many of the holes give the option of playing through water (like the video we posted in the review of Barnyard Swing), pipes and bridges. The play was moderately difficult (which is good) but it lacked a sense of whimsy I prefer. The photos below are nice but don’t give it enough justice. The ball dispenser and free Italian ice are major highlights but the course is well deserving of a “Birdie” rating.

Best golf ball dispenser ever!
Classic and functioning windmill
Around the bend and into the hole
Play over the bridge
Cave play.
Out of the caves and on to the green.
We were hungry so they let us claim the prize early.
Beautiful evening for mini-golf!

Variety of landscape
Use of pipes and water to move along the ball
Ball dispenser (see photo above)
Well manicured course
Holes walk through Cave / Barn
Free Italian Ice for the winner of each group

Missing sense of whimsy
18th hole wasn’t any different than other holes

Two T’s website
Two T’s on Facebook

Nerdy Notes:

  • 18 holes, Par 47
  • $6 (includes free Italian ice for winner of the round)

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