George Vitense Golfland (Wisconsin Course) – Madison, WI


Played on May 27, 2013

Reviewed by Mr. Tee

Friend and creative genius, Chris Pennington, will be opening a new mini golf course in St. Paul, MN in 2014 called Blue Ox Mini Golf and a large inspiration for Chris’s passion for mini golf came from his boyhood mini golf haunt, Vitense. Chris has been urging us to check out this course for awhile and after seeing photos online, our excitement was boiling over. With an east coast trip on the docket, we plotted out our adventure to this mecca of mini golf just on the outskirts of Madison.


Hole-in-One – The Pink Putter already reviewed the first of three courses at Vitense. Much like the California course, the Wisconsin course provided a next level mini golf experience. Loosely themed around the state of Wisconsin, the course has all sorts of interactive elements that allow you to climb, swing and traverse the course from all sorts of vantage points. Any course that gives the option of sliding versus walking is way up my alley. Being raised on Minnesota sports I should have been reviled by all of the Badger and Packer themed holes but I was having too much fun to notice or care. If this course relied only on gimmicks, playful environments and kitsch, it would be a hole-in-one but the play itself was creative, varied and challenging. While a few holes suffered from  wear and tear, it’s clearly due to the heavy traffic that comes from a well deserved reputation.

Scorecard pick up in the mailbox
A mountain to start off a Wisconsin themed course?
Mr. Tee getting to the bottom of this hole.
Pink Putter brushing up on her mini golf rules
The Pink Putter spinnin’ around

Mr. Tee to the top of the light house
The Pink Puter doesn’t need to look far for kitsch here
Pink Putter loved these colorful tiny horses but didn’t like that her ball landed in the water hazarad
Mr. Tee getting in to trouble
This one takes good timing
“You don’t quit playing because you grow old, you grow old because you quit playing”


Tons of interactive elements like slides, gliders and climbing walls
Larger “river” of water throughout the two outdoor courses
Fun mix of Wisconsin and child-like environments
Variety and challenging play
Loads of kitsch!


Few holes could use some maintenance / fresh coat of paint

Nerdy Notes:

  • 18 Holes, Par 66
  • No Flags in the holes
  • Rubber covered putters
  • 18 Holes for $7.75, 36 holes for $12.00, all 54 holes for $16.00
  • Cafeteria, Driving Range and Pro Shop on site

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