Disney’s Winter Summerland Miniature Golf (Snow Course) – Orlando, FL

Played on December 26th, 2016

Reviewed by Mr. Tee

Our home base, Minnesota, is known for it’s cold and long winters but we had to travel all the way down to Orlando to play a winter weather themed course. This is part two of our review of Winter Summerland.


Hole-in-One – The Pink Putter’s review of the Summer Course goes deep into the elements of Disney’s Winter Summerland location and the two stellar rounds we played on Christmas at Universal. All four of these courses blew our minds. We rarely find mini golf locations that hit the mark on play, obstacles, environments, and theming. Sure, Disney is flush with money to assure everything they do is well conceived and funded but all of the money in the world doesn’t guarantee a fully formed engaging miniature golf experience. My unreasonable expectations for Disney’s mini golf offerings were easily surpassed. Even after playing a full round on the Summer course in rainy humidity, I remained fully engaged throughout the 18 holes of the Snow Course. All of the different elements of the 18 holes spoke to each other. The Snow Course even had a separate more traditional holiday soundtrack from the Summer course. As someone who does not enjoy holiday music at all, I still found the inclusion a perfect compliment to the mini golf theming. As of typing this up, I’d put this course in my top 10 courses played or visited. Bon Appetit!

Loved the detailed turf layout and bobbing fishing line
Pink Putter taking a peak in the cooler…and prying free her ball from underneath
Hockey themed hole with lots of intentional and unintentional obstacles. The only gripe was the debris on the course.
Toboggan looked simple but provided lots of frustrations
Aim for the last of holes in the snow
Directions to a possible hole-in-one
Snow castle!
Couldn’t help but pose
and I had to bring in the Pink Putter for a rare picture with both of us
Pink Putter can offer me any tips from the bottom of the hill

Melted snowman with a water surprise
Pink Putter loved the candy wrappers
Santa Claus’s feet can block your path to the cup
Both courses converge to the same point

Scorecard front
Scorecard Back (I didn’t play as well on the Snow Course as I did on the Sand Course)

Winter Summerland Website


Brilliant theming
Numerous holes with fun interactive elements, moving parts, and shooting water
Fully immersive environment down to the holiday themed music
Varied gameplay that was both fun and approachable for all skill levels


Debris on the course and a few places could use some cleaning up
Par for the course is set slightly high given the relative simplicity of play

Nerdy Notes:

  • Snow Course is 18 holes, Par 56
  • Cost:
  • No flags in the holes
  • Rubber covered putters and colorful balls
  • Final hole collects balls and shows one of a few different videos
  • Course leaderboard is kept up to date on a dry erase board

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