Hollywood Drive-In Golf (The Haunting of Ghostly Greens) – Orlando, FL

Played on December 25, 2016

Reviewed by Mr. Tee

Part 2 of our Christmas adventure in Orlando. Even though we were thoroughly exhausted as well as frustrated with significant camera issues that popped up during round 1 of Invaders from Planet Putt , we were determined to play both courses at Hollywood Drive-In. When we initially arrived on site, our expectations were high due to numerous stunning photos we had seen online. The exterior was promising but the bustle of holiday traffic in the surrounding area and seemingly small space the two courses occupied poised us for a letdown. The only truly negative thing about our experience at this course was due to my fumbling around with a broken camera.


Hole-in-One – Only hole-in-one quality courses receive separate reviews dedicated to each of the 18 holes at a single mini golf joint. We’ve done extensive reviews of single locations a handful of times over the years for our favorites. Hollywood Drive-In now joins our list of top notch courses and is one of the 10 best courses we have played to date. The Haunting of Ghostly Greens course was quite different than Invaders from Planet Putt in both obstacles and theming but the quality of experience was equal. Despite the poor documentation from our travel weary bodies, this course is a must-play. Surprise obstacles that shoot water at you. Audio to match the overall haunted theme. Everything came together perfectly on the course and made for a wonderful holiday nightcap.

Course overview from the backside

Hole 1 sets the stage for the theme
Lit up Ghosts throughout the course. The didactics at each hole used bright white lighting at night that we were not able to capture but it looked cool.
Long and winding snake
Tiered play through cobwebs with lovely use of shadow
We’re just getting started!
Just hangin’ with some ghosts
Spider shadows across the bridge
Walking across the bridge triggers this character’s water spitting mouth
Money shot in the heart
Connecting the theme while creating a hazard
Deadly close-up
Loop lodged inside of a stump
Spinning fountain
Hedge maze
Fresh hemlock, root of all evil, and other devilish plants surround the hole
Festively dressed and thoroughly exhausted
Final hole includes an Archimedes screw, multiple paths out towards the cup, and sound effects. Beautiful construction and experience.

Digital Scorecard on the App
Exhaustion didn’t stop me from picking up a win. Not the time!

Hollywood Drive-In Golf Website


Incredible theming through the use of lights, audio, detailed visual narratives, and props
Well designed gameplay and immersive experiences
Motion activated water guns
Lights are extra cool for night time play
Trivia game and added fun element


Parking, security and large crowds make getting to CityWalk a hassle

Nerdy Notes:

  • 18 holes, par 42
  • No flags in holes
  • Rubber covered putters
  • Trivia questions about random holes on scorecard with chance to win merchandise discounts and free games
  • Single Feature (18 holes) $15.99, Double Feature (36 holes) add $12.99
  • Florida resident, AAA and online ticket discounts available
  • Free Scorecard App available for download, also includes trivia questions
  • Located at Universal CityWalk in Orlando

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