Mr. Tee (Tom) featured in City Pages of Minneapolis “People” issue


One of the largest weekly culture magazines in the Twin Cities, City Pages, highlighted Mr. Tee (aka Tom Loftus) in their annual “People” issue in early February. He was featured as “The Uniter” for his work in the music and creative world in addition to mini golf.  Here is a quote from Tom that was used in the piece:


“There’s so much working in the world that feels overwhelming and shitty and drives people apart,” he says. “To be a part of those things that do the exact opposite of that is really important to me. That’s what I’m always chasing after — to find creative solutions to problems in the world, and to hopefully create more opportunities so we can sit back, play mini-golf, and listen to music.”


You can find the full piece over at

Photographer Colin Michael Simmons took some fun photos for the issue and sent us some of the outtakes including a mock-up of Tom on the cover of the print version. Half of the photos are from our house and other half are from one of our favorite courses in MN, Goony Golf. Thanks to Goony Golf! The course is an amazing backdrop in addition to being a blast to play.


IMG_0423 IMG_0466 IMG_0484

IMG_0296 IMG_0319 IMG_0349

IMG_0290 IMG_0364

Colin took some great photos of Goony Golf covered in snow and given it is up for sale, we wanted to highlight more photos of this course while it is still around.

IMG_0413 IMG_0427 IMG_0451

IMG_0425 IMG_0450 IMG_0486

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