Professor Hacker’s Lost Treasure Golf – Lancaster, PA


Played June 1, 2013 Reviewed by Mr. Tee. Played with Mike G. and Tom R. (not Mr. Tee)

Our summer trip out east coincided with my yearly aging reminder (aka my birthday) and for this day I was to be without the Pink Putter for the first half of the day because she was attending to her role as part of the bridal party for her friend’s wedding. Anticipating this free time I planned on getting in some mini golf and wrangled two other guys who’s gals were also in the bridal party. Unbeknownst to me, Lancaster, Pennsylvania is a bustling tourist area and my online reconnoissance of this city uncovered 9 courses near where we were staying. After searching through pictures and descriptions, Professor Hacker’s seemed to be the most compelling option. I mean, come on; they have a massive boat in the middle of the course. My two playing partners, Mike and Tom, were excellent sports and indulged my birthday desire to play both of the courses. With blazing hot weather beaming down our necks, we searched high and low for a golden golf experience.


Birdie  – The pirate theme is quite common for mini golf but oddly enough, this is the first course we’ve reviewed that utilized this trope. Visually, Professor Hacker’s kept the Pirates of the Caribbean look throughout the whole course with the use of signs, barrels, cave and a massive sailing ship. We specifically decided to play the the gold course after playing the diamond course so we could ensure playing the hole located on the floating vessel. Where the course fell short was in game play. As you can see in the pictures below, the hole placement and layout lacks imagination. The greens were immaculate but just not particularly notable. It’s too bad because a little more variation and this two course adventure would be a hole-in-one in my book.

Entrance sign
Our welcome from the professor
Clubhouse selection. Young children had the option of using small plastic putters.
Two courses: We started with the diamond course

Tom eyeing up his shot
Cave dweller

And we still haven’t…
..found what we’re looking for.
Holy ship! The prehistoric remains in the water were a bonus addition.
Ship was undergoing some repairs
Tom surveying the scene on board the boat.
Two levels of play
Water tower with scenic country landscape in the background.
Mike finishing off this short hole with the beautiful backdrop.
Tom not impressed by the hole layout. The real story is the weird face image in the shadow near the tee off.
A few bumps in the road on the 2nd round
But in the end, we’re all winners!


  • Signage throughout the course that followed the pirate / historical trope
  • Tiered level playing
  • A massive pirate ship
  • Subtle and varied objects throughout the course tying together theme
  • Clean and well manicured greens


  • Flat and sometimes overly simple play
  • Hole layout lacked creativity
  • Smell throughout the course of cat urine

Nerdy Notes

  • 2 Courses – 18 holes each. Diamond Course -43 Par Gold Course – Par 42
  • Gold course was handicap accessible
  • Metal cups with no flags
  • Large barrels with sand for putting cigarettes at various holes
  • Hole and course number etched and painted in wood near tee off area of each hole
  • Adults – $9, Child (5-12) – $8 Child Under 4 – $4 (w/ metal putter) or free (w/ plastic putter). 2nd game – $4.50

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