Big Stone – Mound, MN

Entrance Sign

Played September 9, 2012

Reviewed by Mr. Tee and the Pink Putter


Hole-in-One – The first date between the Pink Putter and Mr. Tee was at Big Stone and we thought it was fitting we would play it on the one year anniversary of our first date. The first time we played Big Stone was magic. Mr. Tee had heard rumors of the greatness of the setting and play before our first date but nothing could have prepared us for the extraordinary experience.

Residing thirty minutes out of Minneapolis, Big Stone is a testament to the creative and artistic spirit of the area. Unlike your average mini-golf course, the only things synthetic are the plastic cups (holes) and turf. All of the other materials are works of art. The handmade metal signs for each hole and the sculpted terrain give it a personality all it’s own. Carved stone, a massive upside down boat and a spiraling hole surrounded by sunflowers (and chickens) are just a few of the elements of the course. It’s clear that this creation was an intensive labor of love that was very much worthy of the praise it received from the New York Times. (Note: the photographer for the NY Times piece shot photos the day of our review. To our dismay, the photos he took of us playing checkers were not used in the final piece.)


The Clubhouse
Kitty roaming on site…we love kitties!
Nice ball display.
Hole 1
Pumpkin Patch Hole
The Ship Hole
Inside the ship.
Roosters inside The Spiral!
One of the “jump” holes.
The final hole.
Beautiful picnic table.
A beautiful afternoon for a game of checkers.
A sculpture in the park by our good friend Yousif DelValle


Unique, creative, lots of personality
Challenging play
Kitties, roosters, goats, horses and pigs on site
picnic tables, tabletop checkers and fire pit available
Sculpture garden


leaves/debris on some holes
Website has auto-play music that you can’t stop (personal pet peeve)

Big Stone Website

New York Times Article on Big Stone

Nerdy Notes:

  • 13 holes, Par 52
  • Attached sculpture garden
  • Food for the goats can be purchased
  • Horses (behind fences) are in the sculpture garden
  • Fresh produce and local jellies available for purchase
  • Rubber covered putters
  • No flags in the holes
  • $7 – Adults, $6 – Children
  • As of Fall 2012, there are 13 holes in the course but there is a possibility of more holes in the future.  The owner of Big Stone, Bruce Stillman, said he stalled at 13 holes in the NY Times article.

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