DEFUNCT: Manetas Mini Golf – Denver, PA

Photographed June 1, 2013

Words by Mr. Tee

The Pink Putter and I drove out east for a dear friend’s wedding back in 2013. Robin was in the wedding party as a bridesmaid. The big ceremony and celebration took place late in the afternoon on my birthday so I used the opportunity to spend some time exploring mini golf courses in the touristy Lancaster, PA area. After two early afternoon rounds at Professor Hacker’s Lost Treasure, I hopped over to Denver, PA to the bride’s family home for all the pomp and circumstance. I had time to burn between the ceremony and party while The Pink Putter was out taking pictures with the wedding party. Lucky for me, I stumbled upon Manetas.

I pulled into the barren parking lot and found two 18-hole courses in a larger complex that was completely dormant. I popped into the open park and snagged some photos on my phone.

From the looks of it, Manetas appeared to have been functioning in the not too distant past but the last activity on the Facebook page is from 2010. The website for the full park is still functioning and it does say under Park House “The Mini Golf is CLOSED for the season!”. We drove by last Summer and it still appeared to be closed. Either way, it looked like it was once a rad mini golf center. For now, enjoy the photos.

Manetas Park Website

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