DEFUNCT: Goony Golf (Championship Course) – Spring Lake Park, MN


Played many times over the last 3 years

Review by Mr. Tee

I remember visiting Goony Golf in the 1980s not only for the mini golf but for water slides. Outdoor water parks (family aquatic centers) were a hot attraction during that era and for a period of time they took up the real estate that is now the Championship Course at Goony Golf. If you want a sense of what it looked like (or at least as far as my memory serves me), watch the date scene from the first Karate Kid. As large destination water parks grew in number and small water parks became more common in community centers and hotels, water slides were removed from family entertainment centers. Fortunately, Goony Golf used the terrain to add yet another option to their already strong mini golf complex. Unlike the brightly colored and kitschy north and south courses, the Championship course looks and feels like a more traditional miniature version of the game of golf.


Hole-in-One -The course uses a fairly generic looking cement waterway of bright blue water that flows from a very modern looking water fall. Dull looking rocks, bushes and small trees are used in the landscaping design and layout. You’re thinking how in the world did this course end up getting a hole-in-one but stick with me.

While our mini golf bias leans towards kitsch, we do enjoy the game as a whole and are quite competitive in our regular outings. Goony Golf’s Championship course puts both of our putting skills to the test. In our adventures I usually pit myself against the Pink Putter for the lowest score. Narrow playing surfaces, sloped terrains and creative hole placement make staying under the six strokes per hole limit a feat in itself. The major battle one faces is against the course par. While frustrating play is a regular complaint of ours in reviews, the intentionality of challenge built in to this course is clear. The playfulness of the design is only appreciated after you finish. I find the challenge of the course keeps me coming back. Easily the most difficult course we’ve played to date and a nice change of pace from Goony Golf’s other top notch offerings.

Our favorite game and Mr. Tee wearing a t-shirt by one of his favorite artists Morrissey.
View from Hole 1
View from the east overlooking the course
The course starts out challenging right away with hole 1
Getting the ball near the cup is challenging on this one. Precision required.
Mr. Tee’s pants match the bear’s shirt from the nearby course. Shhhh, he is concentrating.
The Pink Putter loves waterfalls
Cross the water once over a narrow pathway then around a “sandtrap” of rocks to reach a challenging jump shot on to an island. Most difficult hole ever.
Bad start for Mr. Tee on a hole either of us have yet to finish under the stroke limit.
From way out of bounds. Mr. Tee tries to get out of the parking lot and back in to the game.
The sloped terrain and hole placed on the middle terrace make this one challenging.
Bright blue water and challenging hole placement.
How will this end for the Pink Putter? See the video below.

Focus and follow through
The Pink Putter and view of the Championship course with our favorite course in the background.
The long and winding path to the final hole of the course. Deceivingly difficult. A six stroke limit is much appreciated on this one.
Mr. Tee doing the math. How did he get beat by so many strokes?
Never underestimate the importance of a good pinball selection

Goony Golf Website


Extremely challenging
Creative green and hole placement
Well designed
A change of pace from the two courses at Goony Golf


No kitsch or much color

Nerdy Notes:

  • 18 holes, Par 62
  • Single Round $8, 2nd Round for additional $4
  • Rubber covered putters
  • Final hole collects ball
  • Flags in most of the holes
  • Strong pinball selection in the club house
  • Water balloon game next to this course
  • Groupon offers sometimes available

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