DEFUNCT: Goony Golf (South Course) – Spring Lake Park, MN


Played many times over the last 3 years

Review by Mr. Tee

Only two miles from the previously reviewed Lilli Putt sits another one of the mini golf memories of my youth, Goony Golf. While the area near the course, much like Lilli Putt, has been in decline since the late 80s, this course has maintained it’s grandeur through regular maintenance and fresh coats of paint. The Pink Putter already covered our history and the general history of Goony Golf with her review of the North Course so I’ll jump right to it.


Hole-in-One – Goony Golf and Big Stone are runaway favorites for us when it comes to mini golf in Minnesota. Big Stone may have creative hole design, farm animals and a picturesque landscapes but Goony Golf has a classic kitschy down pat. When I reviewed the fantastic Austin’s Peter Pan, I couldn’t help thinking of this course. Concrete, plaster, turf and chicken wire with bright bold colors used to bring out the character in the larger than life obstacles. I enjoyed playing this course as a kid in the 80s and grown even more fond of it as an adult. I slightly favor the north course at Goony Golf but this is like saying you cheese slightly more than chocolate. Both are awesome and bring repeated pleasure and enjoyment. I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.

Footsteps mark the path to the clubhouse
The Pink Putter posing with our favorite mini golf mural
Our respective balls and clubs prepped for hole 1 – Hickory Dickory Clock

Just like that on Hole 7 – Straight and Narrow
Beautiful view from Hole 7 – Straight and Narrow
Close but no cigar for the Pink Putter on Hole 6 – Creepy. Not sure if the name makes sense.

The Pink Putter took a mulligan and on her second attempt (video fail above) Hole 9, Ant Hill, bested her again.
Hole 10, Snake, has a hold on The Pink Putter
While it’s hard to see during the day, at night much of the course lights up including Hole 10, Snake.


Pink ball coming out of the behind of Hole 12, Mad Martian
Wise Old Owl, hole 13. The Pink Putter’s lucky number.
Hole 14, Tunnel, takes on a Minnesota Vikings (Football team) motif.
Pirate Ship Pose by Pink Putter. Hole 15.
I’m going to ride the rail on Hole 15, Nutty Putt.
How could we not love Hole 17, Hauntsville.
Hauntsville’s got a hold on her.
Final hole, Igloo, has a narrow ramp up to a pipe. Get the ball in it and win a free game. Pink Putter did this on her first visit to Goony Golf but not on this shot.
A cute penguin finishes off an awesome course.


Big & colorful themed obstacles
Numerous moving obstacles
Considered “easy” but play can be quite challenging at times
Arcade and two other courses on site
Only a few miles from home!


Usually at least one hole is not 100% fully functional
Slightly less challenging than other two courses at Goony Golf

Goony Golf Website

Nerdy Notes:

  • 18 holes, Par 42
  • Single Round $8, 2nd Round for additional $4
  • Rubber covered putters
  • No Flags in holes
  • Igloo themed 18th hole collects ball and gives you an opportunity to try to win a free game with a skill shot
  • Picnic tables throughout the course so consider bringing something to enjoy while watching others play
  • Strong pinball selection in the club house
  • Water balloon game just off the parking lot
  • Groupon offers sometimes available

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