Burn Golf – Yokohama, Japan


Played May 24, 2014

Reviewed by the Pink Putter

As part of a fellowship that I received this past year, Mr. Tee and I found ourselves in Tokyo for 2.5 weeks visiting amusement parks, children’s museums, themed restaurants and mini golf (all in the name of research, of course!). With a culture chock full of cute kitsch, it’s surprising that mini golf isn’t big in Japan. We looked hard and managed to find only one course in all of Tokyo, well actually Yokohama, and another in Osaka (review to come).

Yokohama is known as “Minatomurai” or “City of the Future.” It’s home to Nissan headquarters, an amusement park, a beautiful Chinatown, the Anpanman Children’s Museum, a cruise ship port, the Cup Noodle Museum, Sweets Cranes and Burn Golf. If you don’t know the area, Burn Golf, or as some signs read “Bahn Golf”, was a bit tricky to find, but the view alone is worth the journey. Lucky for us, our friends Hideo and Danielle joined, and guided, us in the adventure. In case you are looking, it’s on the roof of a mall just across the street from the Cup Noodle Museum.


Birdie – While playing overseas was certainly a unique experience, this course fell just above average. The classic tournament style layout reminded us a lot of Tee Time 2 in Stone Harbor, NJ, which we also gave a Birdie rating. The rules here were slightly different, each hole had small divots built into it so that if your ball lands outside the painted line, you were directed place your ball on the divot to start your next shot. There was also a rule about getting your ball past the red line on the first shot. The rooftop was windy and the view was amazing. Everything was clean and just a little faded from being out in the sun.

Wolrd Mini Golf Federation Approved.
World Mini Golf Federation Approved.
Balls and special putters.
Balls and special putters with suction cups on the ends to remove balls from the holes.
Hole 1, classic pyramids
Hole 1, classic pyramids and course staff member explaining the rules to us.
Hole 2
Hole 2, down the middle.

Hole 3, classic loop.
Hole 3, classic loop.
Hole 4, volcano. Danielle hit it a little too hard her first try here.
Hole 4, volcano. Danielle hit it a little too hard her first try here.

Hole 5, makeshift tubing.
Hole 6, makeshift tubing.
Hole 6, walls.
Hideo takes a shot at hole 8, staggered walls.
Hole 7, bridge.
Hole 9, bridge.


Hole 8, top of the hump.
Hole 11, top of the hump.
Hole 9, rock star.
Hole 12, rock star.
Hole 10, the maze.
Hole 13, the maze. You could lower the gateways to the blue paths to make this more challenging.
Hole 11, corner turn.
Hole 14, corner turn.
Score card with clip pencil.
Score card with clip pencil.
Hole 16
Hole 16, the vee.
Hole 17, tiny humps.
Hole 17, tiny humps.
Hole 18, the zig zag.
Hole 18, the zig zag.
View of the family style course.
View of the family style course.



Lovely view
Clean and relatively well-maintained
Fun and challenging play
Shopping mall below had lots of shops, restaurants, movie theater, massage parlors and sweets cranes


Very sunny and windy
Tricky to find, especially for foreigners
Everything needed a layer of new paint

Official Burn Golf website

Nerdy Notes:

  • 18 holes, no par
  • rubber covered putters with suction cups at the top to remove golf ball from hole
  • golf ball surface is smooth, no divots
  • 900 jpy per game (approximately $9)

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