Puttin’ Around – Cooperstown, NY

Sign from the road.

Played on August 11, 2012
Reviewed by Mr. Tee

There is a lot that can be said about this course but unfortunately, most of it is not good.

Cooperstown is known for being a sleepy little town in Upstate New York with lots of B & Bs and The Baseball Hall of Fame. The Pink Putter and I ventured there for a wedding but were drawn in to the mini-golf attractions. She’ll review the other course we played in Cooperstown, Barnyard Swing, but we started with Puttin’ Around.


Whiff – When we first saw this course it didn’t leave too much to the imagination but we wanted to give it a shot. Our first tip off that this place was no good came when we were given a score card that focused more space on over-priced garbage food options like the “Doggie Deal” and “All American” than scoring. The holes were way too narrow and lacked any obstacles, sand traps, water hazards or creativity.

First hole, pretty bland.
My ball is stuck!
Yes, the hole is straight ahead, so why the extra turf to the right?
This river is completely dried up. No water?
Concrete jungle.
18th Hole – Two equally uninteresting routes to the finish

At most courses, you play the 18th hole to win an extra game or some prize but at the very least, you lose your ball. At Puttin’ Around, you hand in the ball and club…to hopefully leave and never come back. Barnyard Swing is right down the road and a better use of your time and money.

Clean / well maintained greens

No kitsch / creative element to the design
Sterile – not in a good way
Narrow holes
“Shoot Thru” obstacles didn’t work (aka ball didn’t roll through pipe)
Not fun

Cooperstown Fun Park / Puttin’ Around Website

Nerdy Notes

  • 18 holes, Par 62
  • $6
  • No flags in holes
  • rubber putters
  • 18th holes doesn’t take ball

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