Lil Golf


The Indianapolis Museum of Art (IMA) invited us to help them with their call for proposals for an artist-designed mini golf course to open in May 2016. After talking about our mini golf work at the museum in the Fall of 2015, we were inspired to submit our own idea for this Indiana themed course.

Cats. We have three of them between the two of us and they bring us much joy and entertainment. We love our cats: Zack, Moz and Rex. Through the Internet Cat Video Festival (started in our home of Minneapolis), we were introduced to the magical creature that is Lil Bub, the pride of Bloomington, Indiana. After learning the story of Bub and meeting this brave and special cat, Mr. Tee was deeply moved. He had a challenged grey tabby cat that passed 9 years ago and instantly became a fan of Bub.

As we thought about ideas for the Indiana themed course, Lil Bub immediately came to mind. We consulted with Lil Bub and her human companion, Mike. Bub shared with us her idea for a mini golf hole and gave us the name: Lil Golf.

Because of our commute from Minnesota, we were the very first artists to install on the course, but within just a few days Lil Golf was joined by an array of incredibly designed and built holes from across the region.

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