Glow Golf – Indianapolis, IN


Played on March 11, 2016

Reviewed by Mr. Tee

During late 2015 & early 2016, we consulted on the Indianapolis Museum Art’s mini golf course. On our 3rd visit to Indy this past March, we traveled with museum staff around town for studio visits with the artists selected to build mini golf hole installations for the museum. We naturally love visiting artist spaces and seeing mini golf courses come to life and we were particularly inspired by the variety and quality of imagination we saw. Both of us left the experience feeling motivated to finish up our own Lil Golf creation.

As we always do in our travels, we searched out new mini golf courses to play and eventually review. Since we had already visited in Fall 2015, we managed to play most of the outdoor courses in the area. Due to the brisk weather this time around, our option was a black light course called Glow Golf on the 4th floor of the Circle Center Mall in downtown Indy.


Sandtrap – You know it’s going to be a bad experience when they are out of pencils and make no bones about it. The staff person was even suspicious of lending me her pen to score our game. The photos cover most of the bases. The course was not without a few interesting and challenging holes. The underwater / scuba theme was consistent but both the play and ambiance were lacking. The Indianapolis Museum of Art will be hosting another artist-designed mini golf course in 2017 and that one is going to be your best bet for a fun game of mini golf.

The Pink Putter winning a panda in a skill crane was definitely fun!
Let’s go!
Never a good sign
Solid loop
“Errrr, am I supposed to be able to pick this up?”
Pink Putter putting at 6…wait, it’s 7.


Overview of front half of the course. Richard Gottfried, note the shark.
One of the better looking and playing holes
Bridge details
Back room had a ton of bathroom wall type graffiti
Using flash on the camera shows even more of the graffiti much to the displeasure of the Pink Putter
Backroom of the course stingray vibes
Faux Stonehenge?
Fragile but fun windmill
Plinko on the final hole but only ONE chance per day
Another one of the weird signs near the entrance
In the end, the skill cranes were much more fun than the mini golf course
Scorecard. We eventually found a pencil on the floor so we could score our game.

Glow Golf Indianapolis Website


One of the only indoor options in Indianapolis
Consistent use of the scuba theme

Poorly maintained course
Sub-par play

Nerdy Notes

  • 18 Holes, Par not listed. Best score for the day was 33.
  • Adults $8, Kids 5-12 $6, Children 4 & Under $3, Group Pass (5 or more) $7 each, Seniors $3, Birthday Parties $8 each. 3 Games 1 Price.
  • Rules: Maximum of 7 strokes per hole and No horseplay!

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