Eko Backen – Scandia, MN


Played on September 19, 2015

Reviewed by the Pink Putter

Eko Backen is an off-the-beaten path recreational facility about 45 minutes north of the Twin Cities, not far from the Taylors Falls area and courses such as Highway 8, Wildwood Campgrounds and Adventure Falls. In the winter, Eko Backen’s large swath of land turns into a snow tubing mecca. In the summer, it is used for country weddings. On the property is a barn-like lodge, a defunct water slide and a mid-sized mini golf course that is only open for weddings.

We called ahead and caught the owner on a quiet fall day, so he let us come by and play the course for a small fee as well as gave us a tour of the property.


Par – This course is unique in that it isn’t open to the public, rather it’s a bonus activity for weddings. So while we can’t really recommend going out of your way play it, we did think it was a fun amenity with countryside style. There were a number of appropriately themed found-object props and obstacles. Each hole also had directional lines painted on the turf as a sort of guide as to where to aim your putt. The course itself was in rough shape with moldy turf, torn flags, overgrown weeds and fallen leaves, but to be fair we did catch them on an off day at the end of the busy summer season. The bonus is beautiful views of rolling hills and trees.

Mini Golf that way!
Example of turf in rough shape, it may be time to replace it
Decent sized greenway with rock obstacles
Everything and the kitchen sink?
Torn flags
Lovely country views
Tractor decor
Mr. Tee working his way down the path next to rusty wagon wheel hubs
Old farm equipment adorn the sidelines
Love the use of this old stop sign as a place for the hole
Mr. Tee finishes on the duck bridge
Mr. Tee finishes on the duck bridge
Neat looking defunct waterslide on premise
Neat looking defunct waterslide on premise

Eko Backen Website


Beautiful country views
Private party game play
Unique props and decor
Painted guidelines for accurate putting


Old turf in rough shape and torn flags
Course was a bit overgrown
Not open for public play

Nerdy Notes:

  • 18 holes plus practice putting green
  • No scorecards, no par
  • Flags at the start of each hole

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