Goodrich Mini Golf – Maplewood, MN


Played September 7, 2015

Reviewed by the Pink Putter

Goodrich Golf Dome is an indoor Driving Range and outdoor Mini Golf course located in the northwestern suburbs of Minneapolis/St. Paul. It was one of the few places left on our quickly shrinking list of mini golf courses to play in the Twin Cities area and so we decided to finally give it a visit on Labor Day 2015, the unofficial last day of summer.


Sandtrap – Based on its scale, game play and general layout, this course appears to have once had a heyday that has since disintegrated. Goodrich displayed intermittent efforts for improvement which were strongly outweighed by blatant neglect. Overgrown weeds, haphazard and broken obstacles and ripped turf are just a few of the negatives we experienced. Unfortunately, the course’s state of disrepair led to a below average mini golf experience.

Balls and Scorecards located inside. While slightly ramshackle, this place still has some old charm in it.
Penguin and garbage on the way to the course
Penguin and garbage on the way to the course
Old course map that was really neat.
Old course map that was really neat!
Sad garden.
Sad garden
Broken bunny.
Broken bunny
Next Tee for Mr. Tee
Long fairway for putting.
Once a waterfall?
Once a waterfall?
Dog on a rock.
Decaying scorecard stand.
Decaying scorecard stand.
Broken flag post
Old Par Aide
Old Par Aide
Gazebo style seating area.
Gazebo style seating area
Putting from the rocks
Putting from the rocks at Hole 18
Lion and Port-a-Pot greet you at Hole 18
Lion and Port-a-Pot greet you at the end

Goodrich Mini Golf Website


Long holes with lots of putting areas
Neat hand-illustrated map at start of course


Dead and overgrown foliage made for unattractive landscaping
Haphazard and broken obstacles did not enhance game play
Wasp nest in one of the sandtraps
Worn turf, defunct waterfall, dead landscaping and broken scorecard stands

Nerdy Notes:

  • Plastic flag poles in some of the holes
  • 18 holes, no course par
  • Two cups in many of the holes (possible kid’s hole?)
  • Indoor driving range and Pro Shop on premise
  • Rubber-covered putters

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