Grand Slam Mini Golf (The Pirate’s Lair) – Burnsville, MN


Played February 27, 2015 & February 12, 2016

Reviewed by Mr. Tee.

Played with Jennifer & Manny Castro in 2015 and The Pink Putter in 2016.

The Grand Slam chain was a big part of my youth in Minnesota. If memory serves me, there were previous locations in Duluth and Fridley in the 90s but can’t find an online foot print for either location. Both had mini golf courses but I mostly spent a lot of time in the arcade playing NBA Jam. We reviewed the course at the Coon Rapids location and had put off the Burnsville location until a cold winter night. My pals Manny and Jennifer joined me on a chill February Friday last year. I delayed on finishing this review and wanted to grab a few more photos with the Pink Putter a year later before I completed it.



Birdie – I had very low expectations for this course since the Coon Rapids Grand Slam location was a bit ramshackle and in rough shape. We’ve seen a lot of pirate themed mini golf courses, but few of them use the theme for obstacles and creative play opportunities. This course nailed the concept well. Numerous holes incorporated the pirate theme not only in look but in obstacles and staging. Jump through a treasure chest. Hit the ball through a spinning ship’s pirate wheel. Bounce between metal beer steins. The decor is cheesy but perfect for kids and kids at heart. It’s on the low end of the “Birdie” rating but a step up from your average indoor course.

Mini golf on a chaotic Friday evening
The Pink Putter loves her some rules
Straight shot through the wishing well to the cup
Manny and Jennifer move through the treasure chest obstacles
Lots of signs and and other details that really add to the overall theme
Pink Putter pointing at a photo opp
Two trips to the hole. If you hit the ball too hard you may end up at the next hole.
Lobster obstacles
Jennifer is getting a kick out of these dead beats hanging out with bats. Very goth.
Manny lining up his shot to send his ball to the hull of the ship
Cute clamshell with a pearl
Liked this ramp through the treasure chest. Manny did not share the sentiment.
Canon and kid finishing up on hole 18
Final hole! A little box catches the ball at the end of the plank.
Not sure why I included this but first time seeing a ranch dressing dispenser.



Grand Slam Burnsville Website


Pirate theme consistent throughout the course
Obstacles and set pieces used to create an immersive course within a large entertainment complex
Several interactive elements including a spinning pirate’s wheel


Short distance between the end of one hole and the beginning of another in a few cases
Few of the holes were a little too short / easy
At time a bit chaotic since it is a kid’s party destination

Nerdy Notes:

  • 18 Holes, Par 39
  • Rubber covered putters.
  • $4.95 a round. Package deals available for unlimited mini golf and other games including $11.95
  • Arcade, laser tag, Trampoline, “Crazy Kars”, batting cages and snack bar in the same building
  • Open Sunday – Thursday 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. Friday – Saturday 10 a.m. to Midnight

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