Manatawny Green – Pottstown, PA


Played August 3, 2015

Reviewed by Mr. Tee

In the Spring 0f 2015, we received an email from the Parks & Rec board of the Borough of Pottstown in eastern Pennsylvania. They are fans of our blog and invited us to come play their recently built mini golf course. As I mentioned in our review of Lahey Family Mini Golf, we were already planning to visit PA in August 2015 for a friend’s wedding. So, we added in a day for mini golf and once again we brought along the Pink Putter’s father.

On a lovely Monday, we drove about an hour through small towns to land in this quaint borough. We played one round and surprisingly, the Pink Putter’s father did not win. In previous trips, he had bested the two of us but I won solidly by 9 strokes. The bonus after playing was discovering a soon-to-be-opened vintage carousel located just across the parking lot.


Par – Designed by Harris Miniature Golf and opened in 2014, Manatawny Greens is a nice little addition to the Borough of Pottstown. The 18 hole course is a standard design by the Harris company and we’ve played similar courses in our travels. There are a few holes with pipe play, water hazards and a waterfall. It’s a solid green turf course lined with red brick with the occasional patches of faux sand turf and rougher green turf. One unique feature at Manatawny was flag holders (bricks with holes drilled into them) at each playing green. This was our first time using this type of handy rigging and you can see it in our photos below. Aside from this, there isn’t a ton more to say. The Parks & Rec board appears to be keeping the course well maintained and if you’re in Pottstown, it’s worth taking in a round.

Practice putting green
First time seeing one of these brick flag holders
Windy day but not sure if these flag holders are made well
Additionally, the flag holders were a tight fit. Let’s move on to the play!
Pink Putter’s pop taking aim to the left of the raised rock hazard
Waterway hole is featured in the video above. It gave The Pink Putter fits. You can see the soon to be opened vintage carrousel in the background.
Trying not to hit those posts


Fishing for mini golf balls. More fishing action in the video above.
Taking aim
Pink Putter is holding so the flag and holder don’t tip over in the wind
The Pink Putter and her dad checking out the course dedication
Love a good ice cream sign

Manatawny Green Website


Clean and well maintained
Large water feature and waterfall


Plain design
Nothing particularly unique

Nerdy Notes:

  • 18 holes, Par 40
  • Price: $6. Tuesday Special: $5. Family Special: $20 for family of 4 and $5 for each additional player.
  • Closed Mondays year round plus Tuesday and Wednesday during Spring / Fall.
  • Rubber covered putters with a variety of color balls.
  • Flags in all of the holes with a holder build in to the bricks near the cup
  • Course is part of the Montgomery Country Open Space Program, Pottstown Health and Wellness Foundation and Peco Green Region program
  • Concession stand for snacks and beverages, featuring Nelson’s Ice Cream and Berks Hot Dogs
  • Wheelchair accessible

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