Lahey Family Fun Park – Clarks Summit, PA


Played August 2, 2015

Reviewed by Mr. Tee

We traveled out to Pennsylvania, home of the Pink Putter, once again but this time for my friend Mirah’s wedding.

After vows were made and glasses were smashed, everyone at the wedding took a dip in the pond

She is a phenomenal person, musician and dear friend that I’ve worked with on my record label for over 10 years. After a beautiful weekend of camping, swimming, eating and exchanging with a group of thoughtful creative people, we headed back towards the Pink Putter’s home in the Lehigh Valley. On our way we back we stopped off at this family run fun park that featured two mini golf courses. I was personally intrigued to play this course because it’s name reminded me one of the main characters on the Canadian comedy show Trailer Park Boys (NSFW language). Sadly, the course was not themed after a drunken caretaker  (NSFW language) of a trashy Nova Scotian trailer park. We surveyed the scene when we arrived and opted to play just the Mountain Streams course.



Par – This course definitely has the potential of receiving an above average Birdie rating but sadly, it falls short due to maintenance issues. While there isn’t much kitsch on the course, the play does sprawl across a sloped terrain and features a large waterway. The play design is well considered to make it challenging but the maintenance issues were considerable. We’re not expert players so there are times when a ball leaves the course but it almost never leads to balls getting lost. By the time we finished, we lost 3 balls. You can see other examples in our photos below in the full review of the course.

Opted to play only the more challenging Mountain Streams course
Lovely start at the first hole
Greens and putting carpet have seen better days
Yet another sign of the course showing wear and tear. In this case, the foundation of the hole above is deteriorating.
This hole caused much frustration as you can see in the video

Ball found but note that it is not the pink ball she started with
Despite the frustrations of play, the course has nice ambiance and views
Simple but challenging layout using the natural slope of the terrain that the course was placed on.
The Pink Putter pointing towards where my ball bounced out of play
Always love a good sign and waterfall
Pink Putter with her skill crane prize next to the “soft play” area
Sign by the road

Lahey Family Fun Park Website

Found this video of a competition hosted by Harris Miniature Golf Company


Large water feature / river throughout both courses
Challenging and well designed play using the sloped terrain
Wide variety of hole layouts


Got splinters from the metal flag poles
Parts of the course are showing significant deterioration

Nerdy Notes

  •  Mountain Streams Course (More Challenging): 18 Holes, Par 51 Falls Course (easier): 18 Holes, Par 45
  • Price: Adults $7.50 (18 holes) $11.25 (36 holes) • Children (11 and under) $6 (18 holes) $9 (36 holes)
  • Other package deals available and a special Haunted Mini Golf in the Fall
  • Flags in the holes. Be careful handling them. I got several metal slivers from them
  • Practice green
  • Rubber covered putters
  • Other amenities include batting cages, go-karts, bumper boats, arcade, and “soft play” area

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