Country Inn Mini Golf – Two Harbors, MN


Played on October 17, 2014

Reviewed by The Pink Putter

On the second half of our fall day trip along scenic Highway 61, we stumbled upon this strange mini golf course at Two Harbors Country Inn. To pay for our round, we had to enter the hotel lobby. It was sort of ominous, as it was a cold, cloudy afternoon and there was nobody else on the course. But we enjoyed playing this colorful, oddly kitschy, retro feeling course.


Par – The course had a lot of twists, turns, hills, bumps, ramps and interesting obstacles. It was also a bit shabby and certainly not the most scenic view of Highway 61. Many of the obstacles were in need of a new coat of paint, small repairs and could be easily moved around the greens to different locations. Objects like the log cabin and deer made sense as regional themes, while we’re not quite sure how the others fit in. A number of the holes would have been impossible to score a hole-in-one on and my preference is to at least have a chance. Nonetheless, this was a pretty fun stop that I would recommend if you are in the area, but I wouldn’t go out of my way to play again.

Mr. Tee knocking on the door.

Broken bells.
Flower box with a small ramp on the opposite side to jump over it.
Log cabin.
Colorful blocks and a rock trap.
Colorful pachinko-style obstacle, with McDonalds in background.
Tiny blue slope.
Flooded valley.
Hi deer!
Final hole, collects balls.
Final hole detail.
Small house (that moves) and stuffed porcupine?
Lincoln logs?

Now you can watch me struggle to make any decent shots, maybe it’s a good thing there were no score cards!

Country Inn Amenities


Interesting hole layout with lots of fun challenges
Kitschy decor and obstacles


Holes and obstacles in need of some maintenance and upkeep.
Some obstacles could be easily moved around the greens, others didn’t make a lot of sense in regards to where they were positioned.
Not the most picturesque setting surrounding the course.
No scorecards.

Nerdy Notes:

  • No flags in holes
  • rubber-covered putters
  • 18 holes, no course par (and no scorecards)
  • Hotel guests play for free. Price was cheap (under $5 but can’t say for sure)

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