Burgeri – Doha, Qatar


Played on March 12, 2015

Reviewed by Mr. Tee and The Pink Putter

On the morning of Festival Day at Tasmeem Doha, one of our fantastic students, Mahmoud Masoud, came running in to tell us that the night before he had accidentally stumbled upon another mini golf course in Doha. We jumped right to it and grabbed our putters. Mahmoud drove us to Aspire Park and upon arrival, we discovered a small, temporary, fenced-in nine hole course. It turns out it was part of a promotion for a restaurant, Burgeri, an American-inspired burger and hot dog joint. Buy anything at the restaurant, and you got to play a round for free. We may have found that out after we bum rushed our way on to the course. No one knew when it was installed or how long it will be up for, but we’re sure glad we got to experience it. One thing we do know is that these 9 holes and a short-lived course at Katara popped up after our visit in the Fall of 2014. Imitation is the sincerest form of flatterry and it’s good to know that the enthusiasm from our Fall visit to VCU-Qatar spread beyond the campus.


Par – While we were surprised to find this little gem in Doha, it doesn’t compare to the uniqueness of the student-designed course at VCUQ. However, what it lacks in playability, it does make up for with classic obstacles. Like many things in Doha, it doesn’t all make sense. Why don’t the windmill arms go all the way down to cover the opening? Why is there a curve and a hump just beyond the bridge? What is that yellow and red box? While we don’t have all the answers, we are happy to see this is a genuine attempt at sharing the game of mini golf with Doha.

More photos below!

Socia Media Info
The Pink Putter ponders this windmill
View from below
Here we are, dueling putters at the bridge
The Pink Putter, with the Aspire Torch in the background
The Pink Putter poses with this tiny castle
Hole 3 with Aspire Tower and the Villagio Mall in the background
Mahmoud finishing up on Hole 3
The Pink Putter getting thrown for a loop
View of the entire course
View of the Aspire Torch and vintage cars from the course
Mahmoud getting ready to loop
Mr. Tee tries out the windmill
Course detail
More course detail
Final holes course detail
Menu for the Burgeri restaurant in Aarabic



One of the few mini golf courses in Qatar
Silly kitsch referencing classic Americana


Strange hole designs with varying, yet non-sensical degrees of challenge
Already showing some significant wear and tear affecting the play
No score cards or par

Nerdy Notes:

  • Free play with any purchase at Burgeri Restaurant
  • 9 holes. No par or scorecard.
  • Flags in holes
  • Not sure of the type of balls or putters available since we brought our own

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