Centennial Lakes Mini Golf – Edina, MN


Played on September 13, 2014

Review by Mr. Tee

This 24 acre pond and park was brought to our attention by our guest reviewer/designer Jared. We had meant to play the course with him but feeling spontaneous celebrating our three year anniversary, we decided to take it in on a rare warm Fall Minnesota day.


Par – If you’ve followed our blog at all, you’ll know that our bias leans towards kitsch / fun themed courses with lots of oversized obstacles. I gave the game of golf a try as a kid and it just never stuck. Mini golf was far more fun and less frustrating. All of this explains why we gave this a course our “average” rating of par. The course is meticulously landscaped and maintained. The real sand traps and large pond were a fun change of pace for us. The surrounding park is nice but it’s hard to ignore the massive condos and shopping malls outlining the whole area. If you’re a golfer, it’s definitely a good place to bone up on your putting skills. It definitely challenged us and I don’t believe either of us even got par on any of the holes. If you’re bringing kids that aren’t regular golfers or if you’re putting skills aren’t so hot, it could be a long frustrating experience.

Information and beverage options
Score cards, pencils and limited ball selection. My goto color blue was not available.
Each hole had a marker listing the par and the distance from tee to the cup. This was one of the shorter holes.
Tee off area was delineated by brown patch. The greens played far slower than I expected.
Pink Putter in the same trap and me on the fairway with condos off in the distance.
The Pink Putter playing out of the trap

Pink Putter gives it another shot and keeps it on the fairway
In the rough stuff trying to not fall in the man-made canals that goes the length of the course
Guys in front of us didn’t fair as well but seemed to have a blast as well
Starting on the back 9. The condos and pathway are only a short distance from the course.

Pink Putter patiently waits for the crew in front of us to finish on a beautiful day. Perfect early Fall weather.
Finishing up. As you’ll see in the background, the park has a number of options including paddleboats

City of Edina’s Centennial Lakes Park Website


Meticulously maintained fairways and rough
Challenging play
One of the few natural grass putting courses in MN
Surrounded by a lively park with a variety of outdoor entertainment


No fun obstacles or environments throughout the course
Felt too much like a small version of a real golf course
Course appeals more to golfers than players of varied skill levels

Nerdy Notes:

  • $5 for 9 holes, $9 for 18 holes. 18 Holes, Par 51. 8 stroke limit
  • Real “golf” putters versus mini golf putters.
  • Flags in all of the holes
  • Calls course “golf in miniature” versus mini golf.
  • Open only through Summer to last weekend in September. Closes at sunset during the season.
  • Large space for lawn games like croquet / bocce ball in the park
  • Distance from tee to cup was between 57 to 125 feet
  • Accessible to disabled

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