Jones Beach Mini Golf – Nassau County, NY

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Visited May 29, 2013 – Temporarily Closed due to damage from Hurricane Sandy.
Reviewed by the Pink Putter

When I was in my early teens, my dad brought my sister and I to Jones Beach, the ocean-side play land of his childhood on Long Island, NY. It was fun talking a walk down memory lane (or in this case, boardwalk) with him, as he told stories of the salt water bath houses and games of pitch and putt. The New York Times did a great article at the end of the summer covering the heyday of Jones Beach and Coney Island. I also had memories of seeing a miniature golf course during our visit. One of the stops on our East Coast trip was to visit my grandmother who still lives on Long Island. I insisted that Mr. Tee drive us to Jones Beach to see if another mini-golf course of my memory still existed. Indeed it did, however being from the Midwest we hadn’t realized the true impact of 2012’s Hurricane Sandy. The course had been severely damaged and was closed when we arrived. Fortunately, crews were working hard to completely restore the original course and get it open before the summer season came into full swing. They were nice enough to let us onto the course to take some photographs.

It’d be unfair to give this course an official rating since we did not get a chance to play, but based on my observations, my guess is we’d give this course a Birdie if we did. It’s a classic course consisting of kitschy favorites.

A model boat housed in a glass display case serves as an obstacle.
Here, a miniature picnic bench, grill and trash can in a display serve as an obstacle.
Unsure what this is a model of, but beautifully crafted.
Mr. Tee and the boat are color-coordinated.
The carousel sits above a half figure-eight slope.
A classic watermill (without water).
A sloped curve skill shot.
A classic lighthouse helps finish off the course.
Standing by a quiet shore before the summer rush begins.
Standing by a quiet shore before the summer rush begins.

Nerdy Notes:

  • 18 holes
  • $5 playing fee

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