Putt’n Around – Delray Beach, FL


Played on March 21, 2013

Reviewed by the Pink Putter

The day I left for college, my mom moved to West Palm Beach, FL to join my grandparents, aunt, uncle and cousin in the sunny south. Seeing as I choose ridiculously cold locations to live, visiting my family has its perks. I managed to get in a trip over my Spring Break this past March, so my mom and I schlepped out to two nearby courses. The first was Putt’n Around in Delray Beach, not too far from the ocean. It appeared to be fairly new, based on its immaculate cleanliness and fresh appearance. I also really appreciated the tropical foliage seeing as I had just left the snow. There were two themed courses, The Everglades and The Ocean. We only played one, The Ocean. This is the first time (that I can remember) playing mini golf with my mom and we both had lots of fun, especially when her ball rolled into the pond!


Par – In terms of play, Putt’n Around had classic holes with no big surprises. There were obstacles comprised of stones, wood, bridges and faux sand traps. A few of the holes integrated pipe and water play. There were subtle changes in elevation. The entire course had a loose tropical theme, denoted by tiki gods, parrots, fish and dolphin decor. There was a main waterfall that dispersed into a series of rivers and ponds throughout the course. I could appreciate small details like little seahorses carved into the cement and labels for every type of plant life.  The clubhouse had lots of cushy indoor seating and picnic-like outdoor seating available. But what really stood out here was the availability of alcoholic beverages, both on and off the course. Each hole had four cup holders with a phone number to have beer delivered right to your hole! This was definitely a first for me, so I enhanced my experience with an icy cold Strongbow (only to realize how difficult it is to juggle between a scorecard, a ball, a putter, a beverage and documenting on both an i-phone and digital camera). Putt’n Around comes in at a strong par, and while close, it doesn’t quite reach birdie status.

Clubhouse indoor seating area.
The Pink Putter’s mom, standing in front of ocean decor and appropriately dressed in pink!
Concrete detailing.
Yes, this is proof of Clubhouse beer delivery right to your hole!
Hole 1, fairly straightforward with a couple rock obstacles.
Hole 2, wooden parrot obstacle.
Top tier of some pipe play.
Main waterfall.
Bridge over the river.
The Pink Putter’s mom fishes her ball out of the pond.
Classic wrap around ramp.
Another water trap!
Plant labels.
Tiki God!
The Pink Putter takes a hit.
Hole 18 involves some fun water play.

Clean, well-maintained greens
Huge variety of tropical foliage
Classic holes with a nice variety of play
Themed decor (not over the top)
Beer delivery to holes.

Many of the holes were predictable and very straightforward.

Putt’n Around Website

Nerdy Notes:

  • 2 courses, each 18 holes, Par 41
  • Rubber covered putters
  • Flags in holes
  • Cost: 18 holes, $8.85; 36 holes, $15 ($5.30 and $7.95 respectively for 4 and under)
  • Beer, wine, ice cream and snacks available

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