Melody Lakes – Quakertown, PA

Played August 19, 2012

Reviewed by Mr. Tee

Our east coast trip was on its last leg and we didn’t expect to run across another course after playing Putter Falls. Low and behold, we bump into Melody Lakes on our drive back from Maryland. How could we resist? We gave it a whirl.

After playing, we happened to drive by Putt U on our way back to the Pink Putter’s Dad’s house. The ever-changing sign at Putt U said “Mini-golf is for lovers”. We tried to document it but neither of our cameras were up to the task. Seeing it was one of those perfect end of a long trip moments that is almost better left to us.


Par – Melody Lakes is one of a number of courses we played that could be a Birdie but ends up falling short for cosmetic reasons. I’ll start with the positives.  Melody Lakes offered a wide variety of play from classic obstacles (bridges, pipes and loop de loops) and multiple paths to reach the cup. Mechanized doors and windmills were functional and added challenge to the play. A consistent theme of Pennsylvania dutch country meets classic mini-golf gave it an overall aesthetic feel that puts it ahead of your average course. They also have a well maintained Chip’n Putt course, if you’re into that sort of thing. We’re not.

I don’t know the history of Melody Lakes but based on the style and current state of repair, I’m betting it was built in the 80’s. The cement on a number of the holes was starting to crumble and crack and there were a few places where things had obviously broken off. This course needs a little bit of TLC (and not the R&B group, although this course could use some waterfalls) and personality before we would give it a higher score. It’s a shame because it was a fun course that would have been an excellent bookend to our east coast mini-golf adventure.

Melody Lakes Clubhouse
Baskets full of balls
Broken structure visible (center)
Straight ahead but the real flowers are nice
Narrow pathway to the hole
View into the bridge
Side view of the bridge
Foliage & The Pink Putter with the tap in
Motorized barn door got the best of Mr. Tee
Final hole! Wish we could have set off the siren

These motorized doors got the best of me!

Multiple holes with opening and closing pathways
Challenging / Fun play
Plants and flowers built in to the design
Classic and regional themed holes
Cheap ($4)

Poorly maintained / broken decor
Sterile kitsch and design

Nerdy Notes:

  • 18 Holes (plus bonus final hole), Par 48
  • $4 for mini-golf, $5 for chip and putt
  • No flags in the holes
  • No water hazards
  • No rubber covers on the putter heads
  • Cash only
  • Green plastic starter tees. 3 options.
  • Final hole gives chance to win a free round of mini-golf

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