Harbor Light Putting – Wildwood, NJ

Played on August 15, 2012

Reviewed by Mr. Tee

After a break in the action, we are back to reviewing our big day on the Jersey Shore. Harbor Light resides in the generally touristy Wildwood area but maintains a straight forward approach to mini-golf that is atypical for its surrounding. Unlike Duffer’s, Harbor Light didn’t include animatronic pelicans or brightly colored putting surfaces but it did deliver 18 solid holes of mini-golf.


Par – I honestly struggled with whether to give this course a Birdie or Par. Varied terrain and natural hazards placed in a thoughtful manner were the calling card of this course. Despite the challenging play, I managed a rare hole-in-one and almost made the overall course par.

On a different day I may have given Harbor Light a Birdie score but the language on the score card ended up being the deciding factor. The long list of rules and the “welcome” regarding the course as “innovative” was excessive. I settled on the rating after reading this on the score card:

“…there are not trick putts on the course and each green should be played just as you would a regulation P.G.A. green”

I don’t play mini-golf to replace or enhance the experience of golfing on a regular basis.  Harbor Light is not extraordinary as far as my tastes go but it’s a slightly above average classic mini-golf course that I’d happily play again over places like Action City

Putter rack and tiered putting green
Pink Putter en route to the cup past the bright blue waterfall
Pink Putter moving ball one club length out of the natural terrain
Natural sand traps filled with large rocks. Got a Hole-in-one on this one!
Pink Putter near the hole and the Harbor Light house
Pink Putter focused
View from the finish line.


Challenging (but fun) play
Hazards and sand traps incorporated well
Well maintained greens
I got a hole-in-one
Less touristy area of the shore
Choose your own putter selection


No “kitsch”
Lacking “fun” element

Nerdy Notes:

  • 18 Holes, Par 45
  • $7 before 6pm, $8 after 6pm
  • Multi-tiered putting green with rough
  • Ice cream and bike rental available
  • Players get to choose their putters
  • Rubber putters
  • Dyed blue water
  • Lose ball on 18th
  • Ball scoopers provided for retrieving ball in water traps
  • Score card includes extensive list of 14 rules including “Shirt and shoes required” and my favorite, “Player ejection may occur if any golfer enters pond. No refunds to anyone ejected”

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