Action City – Eau Claire, WI

Welcome to the first entry of our mini-golf blog. The adventure begins with an impromptu stop on our voyage from Chicago back home to Minneapolis.

View of hole one

Played on July 7, 2012
Reviewed by Mr. Tee


Par – The design of the course was simplistic: No castles, bridges, moving objects or even sand traps. The terrain was well manicured but lacked personality. It’s the mini-golf equivalent of a suburban home. It’s nice for a little bit but lacks the character and personality of something that you would go out of your way to tell your friends about.

Population: Fun Hundred = overstated
You call this a bridge?
Mr. Tee under water tower (I-94 in background)
Mr. Tee and the Pink Putter side by side
View of the terrain
No thanks.
The pink putter’s face sums up this experience.
We did love the putter selection and display

We stopped on the way home from a road trip that included a stop in the Wisconsin Dells. We stopped because we didn’t have a chance to play any of the fun looking mini-golfing places we saw from afar in the Dells and needed a fix! We got our fix but felt like Action City could step up their game.

Well maintained course
Greens were in stellar shape
Functioning water tower

Lack of creativity in the design (see “bridge” photo)
Not much kitsch or fun to the play
Background noise from I-94

Action City Website

Nerdy Notes:

  • 18 holes, Par 47
  • Scorecard has visual detailed map with key 
  • $6 ($3 for second round)

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